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What is Free The Trainer?

It’s a course, really a curriculum, to help fitness professionals get out of the box and start their own successful business on their terms.


With The Free The Trainer Course you’ll be able to:

Get Outside the Box

  • -Learn how to not have to rely on big gyms to fuel your career and control your income in the fitness industry.
  • -Discover creative ways to work around NOT being attached to one gym.
  • -Find your long term goals in this industry instead of blindly training for a paycheck.

Equip Yourself (You need 50,000 square feet of equipment, right? Think again.)

  • -Find out how trainers can equip themselves to be as flexible as possible.
  • -Go through our chapter exercises to brainstorm equipment options for yourself AND how to train with the equipment.
  • -Start thinking like an entrepreneur.  It’s tough to change your way of thinking when all of your studies taught you how to train on the same equipment as everyone else.  We are going to blow your mind when it comes to creative and affordable ways to train your clients. And speaking of clients.


Get More Clients

  • -Become a marketing master. You didn’t budget for marketing.  Heck you didn’t even know what it meant to market. You have just been relying on the big gym to get your clients for you (and take a hefty fee for that effort).  It’s time to learn about marketing to your potential clients!
  • -Learn from our one-on-one sessions with other trainers in the industry.
  • -Do practical exercises to figure what will work in your specific market.

Understand The Business of Training

  • -Learn the legalities and liabilities of training.  We teach you all you need to know.  This chapter alone is worth the cost of the program.
  • -License your training business.
  • -Determine what type of business you have.  LLC, S-corp, Sole proprietor?  It’s not that confusing.  We’ll explain, and save you so much time.
  • -Save on taxes, they already make enough.
  • -Learn Accounting 101.  We’ll share the mistakes we made that you don’t have to.
  • -Pick an insurance plan. Do you need insurance? Yeah, you probably do.  We’ll help with that too!

Turn Your Fitness Profession Into A Lifestyle​

  • -Learn how to be truly free as an entrepreneur.
  • -Start other businesses you are passionate about to keep your fire burning in fitness.
  • -Know when to change your business model.
  • -Work remotely, like, anywhere in the world in the industry.
  • -Keep mentally, physically, and spiritually balanced on this journey.

Free the trainer Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions about the Course.

How long does it take to go through the whole course?

  • -We created an 8 chapter course you can go through at your own pace or binge.  Ideally, one chapter per week to apply the lessons you will be learning.
  • -If you already have insurance, you’ll probably want to skip that section.  Need to learn about basic marketing in this industry? Skip ahead.  Every chapter is full of written, video, and audio resources as well as tasks for you to complete to take the information and use it practically!

Do I have to have any experience as a trainer?

  • -The value that we put into this program makes it an amazing resource for trainers, soon to be trainers, or anyone just interested in learning about the industry on a deeper level.

Can I buy it for a trainer friend or colleague?

  • -Uh, yeahhhhh!  You will only receive one login for the course but if you care about your friend or colleague, you will most definitely want to buy this as a gift for them.  On that note, if you are a part of an academic institution, gym, or other group that would like to purchase the curriculum in bulk, send us an email and we can share our educators’ pricing with you  >>>

Once I purchase it, when do I receive the course?

  • -You will receive your login information right after you purchase the Free The Trainer course.  See the next question regarding your consult.

NOTE: The consult is for charter members who purchased the program by July of 2017!

When do I get my free Training Business consult?

  • -We will personally email you to set up a time to go over your fitness business in a 30-minute Skype call.  Everything you need to prepare for the call will be in that email.  This is one of the most exciting things we do with Fitness Professionals, and it is worth more than 4 times what you paid for the course!

What if I’m not happy with the program?

  • -If you apply the education you receive, it’s going to be pretty darn tough to not get what you wanted from this. BUT, if you email us within 30 days of your purchase date, we will give you a full refund.  It’s kind of a guarantee we suppose!

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